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Sample Service

We always recommend that you order a few samples when choosing Fabrics. We do our best to ensure images on the site are of a high quality, but for seeing the colour and feeling the texture of a fabric there is no substitute for a swatch.

We also offer samples for Linings.

It’s simple to order a sample. Where you find a fabric, wallpaper etc that you are interested in, simply click the ‘add a sample’ icon and it will be added to your bag.

We’ll get samples sent out to you as quickly as we can, they’ll typically arrive in 3-5 working days in the United Kingdom (5-8 working days everywhere else).

Samples vary in size depending on the brand. 

We also offer large returnable samples for patterned fabrics, 

Returnable samples are available for patterned fabrics and are generally large enough to see the whole pattern. We recommend upgrading to this sample for fabrics with larger pattern repeats .

Returnable samples must be returned to us within 14 days, as they need to be sent back to our suppliers. We’ll include a reply paid envelope when we send returnable samples to you. We do charge a deposit of £15 for returnable samples, refunded on return of the sample within the time limit.

In the case that a returnable sample is not sent back to us within the given time, your deposit will not be refunded.